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Dress up Games allow a girl to be creative in the company of her friends. A girl is more likely to play dress up games with her best friend because she is comfortable being as silly and whimsical as she likes without feeling self-conscious. Indulge girls who are best friends in a game of dress up and creative performance. Provide them with all of the materials they need for the game and allow their imaginations to take them away.

Dress up Games

Things You'll Need

Gather a supply of dress up clothes. Dress up clothes can be costumes, old clothes and accessories. Stock up on extra dress up clothes, hats, bags and shoes at a local thrift shop, or visit a costume and party supply store after Halloween to buy costumes and makeup at a reduced price. Set up the dress up clothes, makeup and accessories in a bathroom, which serves as the dressing room. Have paper and drawing utensils available so that the girls can sketch out ideas for costumes, hair and makeup before they get started.

How to Play

Ask the girls to collaborate on a performance piece. It can be a skit, a dance, a magic show or karaoke. Give the girls a time frame in which to come up with ideas, practice their performance, and style each other with the dress up items in their dressing room. Give the girls some space to conceive their performance, but stay nearby in case they need help. Assist the girls with makeup if they are too young to apply it themselves.

The Performance

When they are ready, have them perform for a small audience. Invite the parents and siblings of the other girls to watch the final show. The performance can take place in a room in the house, on the driveway or in the backyard. The girls may need music, so have a CD player or karaoke machine ready, as well as someone to control the music. Set up rows of chairs facing the performance area so that the girls know they have the audience's complete and undivided attention.


Turn the performance into a fashion show where each of the girls must wear an outfit down the imaginary catwalk, and the girl with the most imaginative outfit wins. Or, have the girls draw a theme for their dress up and performance out of a hat. Themes may include: 1970s, dance party, birthday, super hero, safari, and tea party.

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