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12 mars 2013 2 12 /03 /mars /2013 00:57
Nobita Games

When I was a little child, I liked to play for hours dressing up dolls. There existed a different paper dolls out there with multiple accessories. I and my sister had no PC and web, because of that the games were less versatile than dress up games are in the modern world.

I remember that there were a lot of expressions the players could apply on the paper doll when selecting a piece of clothing. I had nine Barbie paper dolls, that were extremely known back then. Parents couldn't afford to get more than 3 usual dolls for their daughters, so the classic Barbie was a very good thing. But a really discouraging thing was the fact that kids played paper dolls a lot, and paper dolls deteriorated quickly.

I also had classic Barbie dolls which were extremely popular dolls when I was a kid. We used to enjoy dress up games for many hours and I never got tired of playing. I see that doll games is still a very interesting activity for a kid today, and if your PC is connected to the World Wide Web, it becomes even more wonderful. There are different fun actions you may do on your computer, I will try to describe some of them below.

Web Barbie dolls: There are many characters in the web to design dolls of. All you need to do is print and cut. In the case that you don't like Barbie, or your children are tired with it, you may select from hundreds of numerous personages, like the Berenstein bears. E.g. gamers can dress up Sister Bear. You can find new accessories for the bear, save them and then create the style for the bear.

Internet Barbie doll games: Your children may find many sites with fashion games in the internet. The latest games don't include just dress up, there are different possible actions for your children. Your children can, saying, beautify their houses. The variations can be infinite! Also, don't forget about choosing the best make-up that fits those fashionable outfits.

Kinds of online dress up games: Your daughter can definitely choose from a great number of fantasy worlds when you have fun with Barbie games. For example, you can find games where players have to create an outfit for a doll. Obviously, with all the new features, dress games are really interesting.

Surely the latest online games can be really interesting. Your daughter can dress up different dolls for many hours and never get tired. But when you remember about that there was something special about those paper and plastic dolls. This was so wonderful when girls dressed Bratz dolls up.

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