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4 février 2013 1 04 /02 /février /2013 00:41
Action Games

Do you like dancing? What kinds of dance do you like most? There is a very unique famous dance that brings you to the a beautiful dandy beach. Just go Dress up games you will find out this kind of dance.

Hawaii has been well known for purely sandy beaches, bright shines, and beautiful girls. However one of the first things that may come to mind when we think about Hawaii is the beautiful Hula dance. Anyone who comes here can not unimpress with this kind of dance. It is an unique dance of Hawaii in particular and in the world in general. Now Hawaii is famous for this form of entertainment and Hula becomes worldwide symbol of Hawaii cultural and the beauty of Hawaii people too.

As far as you know Hula has been seemed as the essence and sprit of Hawaii. It is thought to be a really beautiful and graceful practice. Impressively, Females wear skirts and colorful blouses while males wear trousers with or without a shirt or a more traditional loincloth. Leis, wrist and ankle bracelets are worn. Females wear flowers or leis in their hair and men often wear leis or hats. They dance and show the combination of food movements along with hand movements with the music from variety of instruments. Besides, you may do not know that every movement of the hands has their symbolic meanings. These movements present the stories, traditions and cultures of Hawaii even nature surrounding them as ocean waves, palm tree sways and so on.

Hula dancing is only part of the Hawaiian culture but it's sure one of the funniest as well. You are so keen on this kind of dance and want to play with this dance. You will get fun now. Dress up games for girls bring to you a very funny game about this hula dance. You will have chance to live with the Hula hustle dance shown by the movement of hand, foot, head with the Hawaii girls. In fact, in order to celebrate a party, you must prepare so much. Now, it is time for helping the Hula wahine girls. Today, they are preparing for a wonderful night party accompany with their hustle dance. They must collect tropical treasures first and earn bonus flowers to build a lei then go to dance hut to celebrate the party. Are you willing to help and play with them?

It will be very interesting and fun. The rule is very simple. You will have to help the hula wahine collect different objects which are required each level and take them to the dance hut before time run out. In order to do like that, you must drag tools from the bottom of screen such as ladies, bridges, ramps, catapults, and trampolines and put them into the correct place. Remember that collecting extra objects earns you bonus flowers to build a lei.

You have to pass 8 levels in total. You will see these flowers appear around the edges of screen when you complete each level. You should know that to win this game you not only must pass each level but also earn enough bonus flowers for the lei. So, think smart and get action quickly to get flowers. To become the winner and help Hula girls collect enough bonus flowers, you must use your intelligence and smart way of thinking to arrange the most suitable objects. You have to think fast otherwise the time will run out.

You play this game as well as learn about hula skirts and hula dance dress and their significance to the activity. You'll even learn about the music that the hula dance is performed to and that reminds us all of the beaches, dancing girls and palm trees, and the most wonderful things about Hawaii when we're not in here. So, try these feelings on Hula Hula game.

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