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26 janvier 2013 6 26 /01 /janvier /2013 00:00
Princess Dress up Games

A Disney Princess birthday party is one of the most popular parties for little girls. Many details are involved in making the party memorable, including finding the right Disney princess invitations, decorations and cake. In addition to these important parts of the party, planning the entertainment is also crucial for the celebration. Make sure to plan two or three Disney princess party games and activities as the backbone of the party.

Planning Disney princess games requires some creativity and knowledge of the interests of the birthday girl. There are several games that have been successful in our parties. Note that these games are for a general Disney princess theme, rather than for an individual Disney princess themed party.

Disney Princess Bingo is traditional Bingo with a princess twist. Preparation is easy if you have Disney princess stickers. Simply create your own Bingo boards. For a treat, use M & Ms or Skittles to mark your board. The guests will enjoy eating the candy when the game is over.

To encourage your guests to move around, try Disney Princess Musical Chairs. Simply set the chairs in a circle and turn on some Disney princess music. After the game is over and the chairs have been moved, keep the music on for princess dancing.

After the guests have been dancing for a few minutes, change the dancing into Disney Princess Freeze Dance. Little girls love the freeze dance, so this will be a fun party game.

There are many options for Disney princess games. Remember to keep in mind what games the birthday girl likes. Any game she enjoys can be adapted to fit the Disney princess theme for an unforgettable princess party.

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