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Cooking Games

Games are an attractive part of our life. For schoolgirls, cooking and dress up games play an important role in developing their personality.

Though outdoor games keep teens hale and healthy, nowadays, different types of online games are available for teens which are quite alluring to them. Boys like adventurous games, superheroes' games or racing games. Girls and boys do not relish such games. Their interest is in doll games, dress up games, fashion show games etc. Many games for kids concentrate on Barbie games which involve dressing up Barbies with different costumes, brushing their hair, feeding them etc. Small girl kids develop their own cooking games and play with their mates. In the case that you watch them discretely, you will find that they mostly imitate their mother. They will feed their toys like they are fed by their mothers. They perform cooking activities also by using small toys and vessels. This shows their interest in cooking.

Remembering this idea, several online chef games have been developed for girls and boys. There are games involving cake baking. Teens learn to cook all kinds of recipes including Birthday food. This type of cooking and dress up games are not only fun but also have an educative purpose.

The Barbie games are offered with complete guide giving instructions stage by stage. Take for example, a baking game where a cake should be baked. Though it is a game, you gain a full-fledged knowledge as to how make cake dough using the ingredients such as bread. Till the final stage of baking, all the steps are made live. There are time bound games too, which restrict you to play the game within a stipulated time limit. It develops your planning skills like time management, organized way of working etc.

The dress up games not only teach you how to prepare recipes but also tell you all about hotel management. For example, a virtual atmosphere like a restaurant is created where you are entrusted with the multi task of handling customers and providing them with food, giving them bill etc. This is not an easy job. You have to satisfy all the customers who are standing in a queue. You have to provide them with the food of their choice. Initially it may look complex but the more you practice the more will you improve your skills and time management.

Flash games are bright. The most important feature of dress up games is that girls are given the choice to select the game of their taste and enjoy it. Your kid derives the fun of playing, apart from learning the basics of cooking also without actually entering into real kitchen. This way, we need not worry about fire that may do harm to the teens.

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