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Dress Up Games get a group laughing and help them get to know each other. Besides being an ice breaker for adults and children alike, it is the silliness of dress-up games that causes hilarity for people both watching and participating. Use old clothes and things from around the house to play dress up games that are free and fun.

Dress up Games

Dress-up relay

This game is suitable for all ages. Make two piles of clothes - anything from your closet or attic will do. Gather everything from hats and gloves to shirts, pants and skirts and put the items in two piles. Divide the party group into two teams. The first member of each team races to its pile of clothing and dresses up in all the clothes from its pile. When finished dressing, the first team member races back, takes all the clothes off and the next player dresses up. Repeat the process with all players. The team that has all its players dress and undress first wins the game.

Designer Game

This game is ideal for ages 10 and over. Even teenagers enjoy this game, which is a competition where teams design outfits for their model. Divide participants into two teams. Boy versus girls works well. Both teams will choose a team model for the project. Give the boys large plastic trash bags, a roll of masking tape and the assignment of making their model a wedding gown out of trash bags. Girls receive several rolls of toilet paper and a roll of masking tape and are instructed to dress their model as a mummy. Set the time for five minutes. The party hostess gets to vote for the winner.

Princess Dress-up Game for Girls

Girls younger than 8 years old love to dress like a princess. Have your own princess party and invite guests to wear princess costumes. When guests arrive, offer them time to search a trunk of accessories prepared for their use. Items in the trunk include anything on hand, such as beaded necklaces, feather boas, old purses, scarves, costume jewelry and high-heeled shoes. Take a picture of the princesses gathered together and enclose it in the same envelope as a thank you note to them for attending the party.

Guess-the- Action-Hero Dress up Game for Boys

Boys age 6 and younger are often interested in dressing up as action heroes such as Spider-man or Batman. For a party that is themed around action heroes, invite young guests to wear their favorite action hero costumes. Set up a video camera and "interview" each kid, asking them questions about their special superpowers and who they are dressed as. After dessert, gather the group together around the television for a special screening of their interviews and watch everyone laugh as they see themselves on the big screen. Fancy Pants

This game ends up with the participants looking hilarious, so be sure to have your camera handy. Similar to musical chairs, this game involves clothing and is suited for those age 15 and up. Fill a large bag (a drawstring bag where the contents cannot be seen from the outside is ideal) with as many undergarments as you can, using a variety of undergarments such as thong underwear, boxer shorts, bras, slips, pantyhose, garter belts, large "granny panties," underwear with crazy prints, and more.

Seat guests in a circle and play some music while passing around the closed bag. Pause the music unexpectedly and the person holding the bag has to reach in (without peeking) and grab an undergarment to put on over their own clothing. The music resumes and the bag continues to be passed around. Repeat until all the undergarments have been distributed.


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