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23 mars 2013 6 23 /03 /mars /2013 00:01
Barbie Games

Each girl want to be a pretty angel, when I was young my mother always tell the story of moon princess for me.The moon princess is so beautiful that make me want to see her.

When I grow up ,I know this is just a story. But the dream still in my mind. Either beacause of the dream fo girls or I also want to be a princess. And enjoy the feeling. Now we have one of girls dress up games for girls who have this dream,maybe I can say for girls who want to be an angel or a princess.

When you come to this page,you can see the moon princess dress so usual and have no hairs,so just now you have to help her to be an angel.and fly to the moon. This is the reason why dress up games can become popular.
Choose one style of the hair, long or short, red, green or black,and you can also can dress many styles of flowers for the moon princess, then you'll see the angle become much beauty. 

All right,and next you can use other beautify to her arms. Wow, there are ten choices,think for a moment.Then choose the right shirt and skirt,Huh,they are all very beautiful for the ange and all the girls, so I must decide which to choose. This is the very step of girls dress up games. Which stcockings the angel will wear,.maybe black,red,purple or green, well, I forgot the shoes,dress the moon princess the right shoes,then I'll make the angel,oh no ,beauty to fly to the moon then. Looking the monn princess become the unique angel, excellent! This is fun to me when I playing girls dress up games. This is the own reason for girls to do their favor on girls dress up games.

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