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31 mars 2013 7 31 /03 /mars /2013 00:33
Barbie Games

Girls like to get makeovers, but parents may find it difficult to play with them everyday to change their look. In such a situation, online makeover games are a boon. Girls can spend endless hours experimenting with their look, changing their hairstyle, clothes, or footwear. Whether they want a different hair color, or eye color, or simply a nose change, it's possible on specialized social networks. Taking care of your children when they are young will be advantageous for you later. A recent study revealed that parents over the age of fifty are happier than their childless peers. The study was mainly performed by a University of Pennsylvania PhD student. It was published in the March issue of Population and Development Review. Once you do have children, you should make an effort to ensure their development is rounded.

When choosing a social network for girls, you should make sure that it is safe. It should also be innovative, so that it retains the interest of easily distracted young girls. Dress up games are popular with this group, where they can make believe that they are adults.

Multiple avatars can be created, to enjoy different looks. It is possible to be a blonde in one, a brunette in another and a red head in a third avatar. Games can be played as this avatar, and the virtual money earned can be traded for new items like hairstyles.

Check whether the staff of the social network is competent, qualified, and conscious of the safety norms which they need to adhere to. Child safety advocated, teachers, counselors should all be part of the team.

Makeover games will help your children develop their sense of identity. At an age when they are dependent on you, making choices about the way they look will make them feel important. They will gain a sense of independence.

Designing their virtual room on the social network, interacting with other members of their age, and sharing their creative writing will further help them to develop their personality. This will stand them in good stead later on in life.

Although social networks are considered to be a waste of time by some people, they actually strengthen ties between people. Ensure your child plays makeover games in moderation, so that other offline activities are not neglected. These can only complement real life interactions with playmates, not be a substitute for them. Technological developments should be embraced, not viewed on with suspicion. If used judiciously, social networks for girls can help inculcate necessary skills in your children.

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