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6 février 2013 3 06 /02 /février /2013 00:47
Action Games

Nowadays, the image of Ninja is so popular in the mind of children. The little kids see a lot of Ninja images in the films, stories, pictures, movies, comic books. They love Ninja with funny stories and hard working life.

Ninja is a famous school program mainly taught in Japan and other countries throughout the world. It aims in helping the children awareness, coordination, self protection, balance, confidence, teamwork skills respect for themselves and others. Kids in the world are familiar to the image of Ninja with good characteristics such as hardworking, loyal, strong and courageous.

A lot of physical types of activities Ninja participate in deal only with physical development and add very little to mental and personal development. The rule for ninja is very strict. When someone gets mistake, he or she will be under strictly punishment. They will have to stay all the night for working at any where even the dirtiest places or get hurt, or does not permit eating within 3 or even 7 days.

A little ninja named Kakai. He is preparing for a very competition with other team. He practice all the days and night to be the winner. Unluckily, on the day of competition, he got sick and could not perform well.He is now considered being unimportant, sef-esteem. Kakai forced to stay up all night to clean the restaurant and bring the palates from dinning room to a kitchen.

This is a very difficult task for him because of danger and tire. Now, little kids! Lets access dressup24h.com to help this little ninja. There are a lot of palates this boy has to bring in to the kitchen, use the left and right arrows to control the boy walks forward and backward. Help him carry each stack of plates to the kitchen, then return to the dinning room for another one. Each time of returning, the number of palates will get higher.

Unlucky for this little boy, the enemy ninjas found out where he works, and they are trying to get him tired. He may get died if he is hit by the ninja stars or drop the palates. Be careful and avoid these dangerous stars.Remember that don't run so fast or he will drop the palates. Be the winner to rescue this little ninja.

Ninja schools allow a child to work, develop, improve and grow at their own pace. The kinds are trained is about self development, self control and self awareness.

Practise and play with this little boy to get fun and grow experience about the ninja worl. Be the people who bring luck to him. You will get entertained and be hero in the mind of ninja children.

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