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Barbie Games

Barbie games have had a 49 year history full of ups and downs, but Barbie has managed to always stay on top. A Barbie History A long-time favorite of girls young and old, Barbie has a life full of ups and down. Social revolutions and political changes can all be seen in Barbie games through the years and in many cases, the social history of major nations can be charted through changes in a simple plastic doll.

Barbie Meets the World

Barbara Millicent Roberts was introduced to the world on March 9, 1959. In a series of books released soon after her initial debut, Barbie’s parents were named as George and Margaret Roberts from Willows, Wisconsin, but in reality, Barbie was the brain child of one devoted mother who just happened to have sway with a major toy company, Mattel.

In the mid 1950s, Ruth Handler watched her daughter play with paper dolls and was entertained to see her give dolls adult roles and personalities. As almost all dolls at the time were infants, Ruth was troubled that she wasn’t able to give her daughter adult styled dolls to play with. Ruth approached her husband, who happened to be a cofounder of Mattel, about her concern and ideas for creating an adult doll, but the idea was dismissed. It wasn’t until after finding a similar doll manufactured for adults in Germany based on a popular German comic book that she found the answer.

Ruth used the doll as a basis for her own creation and soon, Barbie dolls were ready to meet the world. And the young woman was welcomed with open arms, despite some concerns over her proportions and distinctive anatomy.

Barbie Games through the Years

Barbie was introduced to the world with unrealistic proportions, a striped swimsuit and a sweetly demur expression on her face. In 2008, she is a more naturally shaped woman with multiple high-powered careers, an extensive wardrobe and her own fleet of homes and vehicles. Barbie has been through a lot in the last 49 years, and that extensive history has helped her remain a cultural legend popular with adult collectors and little girls alike.

According to Mattel, who still manufactures Barbie games and products, three Barbie dolls are sold every second across the globe. Barbie is famous the world over and has looks and styles suitable for hundreds of cultures. Although some cultures and companies, particularly those in the Middle East, still feel Barbie doesn’t meet their religious guidelines, many others recognize Barbie as a rite of passage for many young girls.

Online Barbie

Today, Barbie isn’t just on the pink aisle at the toy store. She’s on wrapping paper, lunch boxes, and now she’s also online. Barbie games are popular with the same demographic who collect her latest outfits and dream of Barbie dream houses. In fact, many of the girls who enjoy playing online Barbie games have left traditional Barbies behind, but still greatly enjoy dressing online doll versions of Barbie in her unlimited outfits and accessories.

While online versions of the popular doll will never replace the traditional Barbie doll, the games and activities found online are helping to drive new traffic and interest back to the world of tiny high heels and perpetual smiles.

Barbie and Ken have new looks and very possibly a new lease on life…and love. Barbie and Ken, Together Again

For Barbie fans, the state of affairs between Barbie and Ken leaves cause for concern. Together for 43 years, the famous couple called it quits in 2004. Many long-time devotees to Barbie games were shocked when the long-term couple split, but others claim to have seen the end coming well before it arrived. Apart now for four years, there are rumors that Barbie and Ken have been spotted together more frequently. These are lending fuel to gossip that the pair might be seeking reconciliation.

The two plastic celebrities met on the set of a television commercial in 1961, and have been together ever since. Despite many well publicized balls, parties, and special occasions, the pair never married and finally reached a point where they needed a bit of distance from each other. There were rumors at the time of the break-up that both parties were seeking attention from newer dolls, but no new relationships ever came from that gossip.

The New Ken

In 2004, Ken left Barbie amicably seeking a new single life. In 2006, he returned more muscular and attractive than ever. While nothing is sure regarding the two years he was out of the spotlight, it’s obvious at least some of his time was used to develop a new physique and a new style.

When Ken came back into Barbie’s social arena, he was immediately in competition with other fit, attractive types, and Barbie stayed cool. Or at least she appeared to at the time. She complimented his new look through her publicist, but didn’t seem to return his renewed affections. In 2007, however, Barbie made a few changes in her life. She developed a fitter, more natural look and took on some of the latest styles. She changed careers (again) and made new friends. And most importantly, the small changes she’s made seem to have brought Barbie back into the dating game.

The New Barbie

When a woman feels good about herself, her self esteem ratchets up and so does her general state of productivity and happiness. Barbie looks good and feels great, and the men in her life – including Ken – are definitely taking notice.

Over the last year, Barbie and Ken have been seen leaving stores together and appearing together in television spots. The pair was thought to have reconciled in 2006, but all evidence now shows that the two might indeed be reaching a new level of commitment in their relationship in 2008. The New Relationship

Barbie is a new woman, proud of her figure and her accomplishments. On her own for the first time in four decades, she showed the world that a woman can survive and most definitely thrive on her own. Being apart gave both Barbie and Ken a golden opportunity to redefine themselves and seek new beginnings. And now that they have new outlooks on life, they also seem to have a very positive outlook on their future together. We wish them the best of luck.

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