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Cooking Games

Games are an attractive part of our life. For schoolgirls, cooking and dress up games play an important role in developing their personality.

Though outdoor games keep teens hale and healthy, nowadays, different types of online games are available for teens which are quite alluring to them. Boys like adventurous games, superheroes' games or racing games. Girls and boys do not relish such games. Their interest is in doll games, dress up games, fashion show games etc. Many games for kids concentrate on Barbie games which involve dressing up Barbies with different costumes, brushing their hair, feeding them etc. Small girl kids develop their own cooking games and play with their mates. In the case that you watch them discretely, you will find that they mostly imitate their mother. They will feed their toys like they are fed by their mothers. They perform cooking activities also by using small toys and vessels. This shows their interest in cooking.

Remembering this idea, several online chef games have been developed for girls and boys. There are games involving cake baking. Teens learn to cook all kinds of recipes including Birthday food. This type of cooking and dress up games are not only fun but also have an educative purpose.

The Barbie games are offered with complete guide giving instructions stage by stage. Take for example, a baking game where a cake should be baked. Though it is a game, you gain a full-fledged knowledge as to how make cake dough using the ingredients such as bread. Till the final stage of baking, all the steps are made live. There are time bound games too, which restrict you to play the game within a stipulated time limit. It develops your planning skills like time management, organized way of working etc.

The dress up games not only teach you how to prepare recipes but also tell you all about hotel management. For example, a virtual atmosphere like a restaurant is created where you are entrusted with the multi task of handling customers and providing them with food, giving them bill etc. This is not an easy job. You have to satisfy all the customers who are standing in a queue. You have to provide them with the food of their choice. Initially it may look complex but the more you practice the more will you improve your skills and time management.

Flash games are bright. The most important feature of dress up games is that girls are given the choice to select the game of their taste and enjoy it. Your kid derives the fun of playing, apart from learning the basics of cooking also without actually entering into real kitchen. This way, we need not worry about fire that may do harm to the teens.

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3 mai 2013 5 03 /05 /mai /2013 00:37

Animals Games

Looking for great free online dress up games?

With these excellent pet games it is possible to really reveal all your creativity! These girls games are designed for anybody enjoying online games. The pet games are even more enjoyable if you share the fun! Don't you think it's fantastic that you can share everything you have created or obtained with all of your girlfriends? There is nothing more enjoyable than making friends and enjoying free online games at the same time. Begin playing these great pet games online right now! Are you curious what other kinds of games are available? Dressup24h features a huge number of girl games. Take a look now.

Naughty cat

This naughty kitty is bored at home. He wants to play some tricks and mess around the room when his master is distracted by other things. But watch out! He might be caught at any time! Use your mouse to play this fun naughty kitty game!

Funny Piggy

Mister Piggy lives in a big farm, where he's well-known not only for being very funny, but also for his excellent fashion sense. Help him get all dressed up for another busy day at the farm.

Run Horace Run

Keep on running ! You're a giraffe in a wild game park in Africa. All you want to do is run. However, there are not only many obstacles in your way, but there is also an unscrupulous game warden chasing after you with a tranquilizer dart. Use the down arrow key to duck beneath the monkeys. Use the up arrow key to jump over the lions. Earn points and run as long as you can in the horse game Run, Horace, Run!


Dress up your new pet Cinnamoroll with the cutest clothes ever. Cinnamoroll is going to meet up with his sanrio characters Hello Kitty and Kuromi, what should he wear!

Hit the Monkey

You'll need to use your mouse to grab the glove and then spank the monkey as fast and hard as you can! You'll be rewarded if you can spank IT faster than 200mph. Chris Rogerson hit it at 1519 mph! Beat that! Good luck !

Finding Nemo

Oh my god! Guess who?? Yes, it is finding nemo! Dress up nemo so he can swim the seas in style. If you loved the movie, you will love this game even more!

Toto in the snow

Toto doesn`t really like winter sports so he will be an eccentric tennis player this year. Until his friends will go on snowboard he will play tennis with his friend, the snowman. Dress him up and make sure he won`t freeze because tennis isn`t a winter sport.

We are glad that you have chosen to play Toto in the Snow on girlsplay.com, the most dynamic website available. If you like the Toto in the Snow game don't forget to rate it and this way you will help with selecting only the best games for the home page.

Toto in the Snow has the following words associated with it by the players through the most common search queries: dress up, pets, toto, winter, snow, fun, fashion…

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31 mars 2013 7 31 /03 /mars /2013 00:33
Barbie Games

Girls like to get makeovers, but parents may find it difficult to play with them everyday to change their look. In such a situation, online makeover games are a boon. Girls can spend endless hours experimenting with their look, changing their hairstyle, clothes, or footwear. Whether they want a different hair color, or eye color, or simply a nose change, it's possible on specialized social networks. Taking care of your children when they are young will be advantageous for you later. A recent study revealed that parents over the age of fifty are happier than their childless peers. The study was mainly performed by a University of Pennsylvania PhD student. It was published in the March issue of Population and Development Review. Once you do have children, you should make an effort to ensure their development is rounded.

When choosing a social network for girls, you should make sure that it is safe. It should also be innovative, so that it retains the interest of easily distracted young girls. Dress up games are popular with this group, where they can make believe that they are adults.

Multiple avatars can be created, to enjoy different looks. It is possible to be a blonde in one, a brunette in another and a red head in a third avatar. Games can be played as this avatar, and the virtual money earned can be traded for new items like hairstyles.

Check whether the staff of the social network is competent, qualified, and conscious of the safety norms which they need to adhere to. Child safety advocated, teachers, counselors should all be part of the team.

Makeover games will help your children develop their sense of identity. At an age when they are dependent on you, making choices about the way they look will make them feel important. They will gain a sense of independence.

Designing their virtual room on the social network, interacting with other members of their age, and sharing their creative writing will further help them to develop their personality. This will stand them in good stead later on in life.

Although social networks are considered to be a waste of time by some people, they actually strengthen ties between people. Ensure your child plays makeover games in moderation, so that other offline activities are not neglected. These can only complement real life interactions with playmates, not be a substitute for them. Technological developments should be embraced, not viewed on with suspicion. If used judiciously, social networks for girls can help inculcate necessary skills in your children.

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20 février 2013 3 20 /02 /février /2013 02:48
Princess Games

A lot of girls are still playing Barbie Games Cooking online. Regardless of the age, girls truly find it hard to won't give in in order to playing these types of games. Isabella, 15 and my niece just won't quit playing Barbie Makeover on the internet. It is undeniable: these Pet Games For Girls will be a part of their own world. Why are these types of Girls Makeover Games so addicting?

Probably the source here is which Barbie Fashion are addicting. I think many people will concur that this is a classic. Everyone identifies the face of Barbie since roughly all of us have seen her or offers her as a toy. If you have wanted to be young once again, why not try playing these Makeover Games For Girls?

You also have several adventures to choose. As you finish Barbie Dress Up Game, you can try away Bratz Dress Up Games, Girl Cooking Games or Winx Club Dress Up Games. It is impossible for one to play all categories and forms because of their multitude. It is not important how old or young one is since there are no boundaries here with regards to age.

With these Barbie Games Dress Up, we effortlessly turn into somebody whom we wish to become in the future. With the traditional Barbie dolls dolls that we can hold within our hands, we are able to put dresses on them and even style all of them the way we want to. Because we are able to play online, we do not have to worry about the dresses that our toy will wear.

You get to practice your creativity with the use of these games. With all the sets of clothes, belts, shoes and other accessories, this truly brings about a girl's fantasy into digital reality when they get to play like a professional in the world of fashion.

Newbies will not have any kind of troubles whenever playing these games. You do not have to teach yourself, your daughter or anyone who wants to play these kinds of games. Really, there are no controls to think about. With the assistance coming from these types of dress-up games, I can truly say that they are my favorites particularly because everything is so clear-cut.

You may also interact with other players. Because of this, you can socialize with other players with out limit with the Fun School Games For Girls. With the help of this particular so called conversation, we can go over our work and let others say their look at about it. You may also show them the final result of your Girls Dress Up Games.

You do not have to pay anything just to play these Barbie Games Free. Numerous sites necessitate their gamers to become a fellow member first but many of the time, membership is always free. There are plenty of things you can do from design her hair to painting her toe nails and all of these can be done without boundaries.

Whether you are bored stiff or you function not have anything to be hectic with, Free Online Barbie Games are an easy way to have a great time. Women of all ages will definitely like the idea of dressing different characters on their computer.

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16 février 2013 6 16 /02 /février /2013 00:19
Cooking Games

While new games have previously materialized, it seems that Cooking Games grew to become boring by no means. Regardless of the grow older, girls really find it hard to won't give in to playing these games.

Bella, a relative of mine and is 15 years old simply could not quit playing Cooking Games. Most definitely, these types of games for girls will stay in every gal's heart. Right now, how come many people go crazy about these girls games? It is almost noticeable that Cooking Games are certainly a pleasure to experience around along with. I think many people will agree that this is a classic. It is no secret that children specifically girls wanted a Barbie dolls doll therefore it had to be a terrible experience providing them with up. To go back to our childhood, games for girls can get us presently there easily.

Another reason is that there are plenty of choices to choose from. Whether you are a fan of Bratz games or you simply like dress up games, cooking games or Cooking Games, you can find them here. It is not possible for one to play all categories and types because of their multitude. Hardcore lovers associated with games on the internet will always like playing these simple yet engaging games on Barbie dolls.

Cooking Games let's become a totally new individual as we imagine that we are in another place and the other time. Most of us have wished to be able to dress up our dolls so that they will look attractive. If one of your problems with common Barbie dolls is that you don't have enough clothes, you will not encounter this with online games.

When it comes to style, you instantly become somebody that controls the actual doll's fashion sense. Even though this is just an online game, you get to physical exercise your ingenuity with all the duties that you have to complete particularly in dressing up your personality.

Games involving Barbie are truly undemanding. Hence, you will not have trouble at all. In truth, you only have to choose and let your creativity run. You simply have to use your personal creativity and this is what I love about these types of dress up games. It is simple to chat with the other people who take part in the same games as you perform. Almost all of the games for girls enable each participant to chat using the others at risk. This allows you to chat with other people as well as share your own interests together. Therefore additional players can observe your own work in dress up games.

Best of all, you are able to play the Cooking Games with no fees to worry about. You may be politely asked to spend your personal information but apart from that you will not be obliged to pay for a single cent for the game. From garments to shoes, you can style Barbie how you want the woman's to look as well as her environment. Game enthusiasts will surely have a great time with these Cooking Games. Women of all ages will definitely like the thought of dressing different figures on their computer. Using the interesting functions and attractive graphics, you just need your reliable mouse along with originality as well as imagination.

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14 février 2013 4 14 /02 /février /2013 01:01
Cooking Games

You might have already realized that your girl likes to participate in dress up games. If you see that the daughter will be fascinated with these kinds of toys, you must give her something you she will definitely have fun with. Dress up games for ladies are among the very best things that you are able to give to your youngster who likes to play with lifelike dolls.

There aren't any worries in relation to hitting after these dress up games for ladies because they are literally all around the net. A number of toddlers can be intelligent for their age nevertheless they still require the guidance of their parents particularly if it comes to on-line games. You can even utilize this chance to become perhaps closer to your kids.

Additionally, you will not always be upset with all the graphics of the game. In this case, your child will instantly love the dress up games for females and will go back for more. If you select one which has horrible graphics, your son or daughter may enjoy a little but also in a few minutes she will not continue with the game given it does not appeal to her.

Nearly all children don't like complicated game titles especially young girls which is why dress up games for females are ideal for these. The particular unfussiness of the video games makes them a lot more efficient particularly when your child is actually playing as there are no disturbances. Therefore, the precious little girl can play without layovers and will not become bothered along with problems that occur on various other games online. Be sure to limit her a long time of participate in since she'll certainly maintain playing enjoy yourself at the same time.

This kind of online game is truly common right now since they have interesting stories that kids will really just like. Look for the story for a daughter to create her gameplay experience a lot more pleasurable. Tell your ex whether she is helping the personality look far more beautiful and stylish as your woman goes to the girl concert as well as to simply go to the mall. Putting on a costume for that virtual baby dolls is fun but if there exists a catchy account it is much more enjoyable.

No matter whether your girl likes to observe cartoons as well as real individuals on the television set, she will discover games with your personalities. It really is even more funny that she will be able to play with the actual star associated with her alternative. You may even join the woman's during her playtime before the computer simply because this can also be performed by older people. You will notice the large difference between the previous means of enjoying dress up doll games along with the one that is done now with the use of a computer.

Thus, your girl can use jewellery, shoes, bags and outfits no matter how often times she wants. The things the lady needs are right in the front of your ex, which is a reduction for mothers out there. Your little girl can play along with accessories such as hats, sneakers, bags and jewellery without spending any cash.

You would run into a lot of online flash games so make sure that you have decided on something that your daughter will definitely like. The celebs of the sport are not only ladies but also adult males and even creatures. No matter how young your child is, she'll definitely appreciate playing dress up games for females. You truly do not have to guide her a great deal because you can gamble that she will certainly understand very easily.

You already have numerous ulterior motives now inside introducing dress up games for a child. She is going to not only enjoy yourself but learn new things at the same time.

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13 février 2013 3 13 /02 /février /2013 01:09
Couple Games

What is the trend of games for girls and games for boys: The difference, positive and negative games.

Saying games, people often think of games for boys. There are many kinds of games for boys. Almost of them is action game that make players easily become game addicts. Boys often play so much that they do not have time to eat, sleep, study or even they can not do anything without games. So It is very harmful to their health.

These games often make players have wrong thinking of life. Moreover, games have strong effect on players' character almost of them is bad effect. For example, teenagers often act as the action they played in games. Therefore there are more and more evils caused by teenagers especially the games addicts.

I do not say that there is not any other possitive games online for boys. But all of my friends and my cousins say that these games are too simple, and boring. And it is hard for them to find out the games that make them sastisfy like action games as above. They said that they need games that have more hardships, and have capability to test their fertile imagination, their analysis ability and their logical deduction.

There are too many negative games that available, attrative and easy for teenagers freely to choose. But there are only a few uninteresting positive games. It brings about a fact that almost of teenagers must choose negative games althought they know that in some case it is harmful to their health and their life. And games for boys become harder and harder to control.

How about games for girls?

Nowadays people are constantly concerned with recreational facilities for girls. Games online seem to be one of the most concern in entertainment market today. There are many kinds of games for girls. Games for girls are not action games like games for boys. These games require players must be skillful and clever.

I can give one typical example here is dress up games for girls. I and my friends often play these games whenever we have free time after our stressful lessons at school. And the important reason why these positive games is chosen by us for a long time is that these games can satisfy the taste and interest of almost girls. That is the interest of going shoping, making up, cooking, looking after for family. Moreover, these games do not cause players become addicts to waste all their time on it.

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1 février 2013 5 01 /02 /février /2013 00:22
Couple Dressup

Romantic is a vital factor in loving. If the love affair lacks of romantic, it surely will be very boring and tired. Therefore romantic is very important. It consists more meaning than any other think. Dress up games includes many romatic ideas for couples as reference.

Romance is an importance factor in any time, from the past to morden, and country to country. From the peaceful quite village to the hustle and bustle city, romance is still seemed as a very importance in human's life. It has the special power that every once can feel. Here are some secrets about romace that you may not know.

Romance reflects the sweetness of relationship. It is closely combined from action and feeling. If you like someone, you will show your special care to her and show some side of ramance. It is no need to say that romance makes the life more meaningful and more colourful. It makes the people closer and closer and break all the distance. If you keep romance with someone, you will get many good impression and have close relationship them her.

As you see, romance and love usually go together, romance is often neglected when processing the love affair. Sometimes the dissatisfaction is shown by girl. It is because the man says he is so busy to arrange time for his girl or he does not know how to express romantic, how to make his girl friend sastify in spite of loving her so much.

So, why not make your lover happier and let her have chance to love you more whithout any complaint. Romance is all about dates and flowers or chocolates, or postcast with the sweetest hearted message. It can also be about considering the emotions of your loved one and being sensitive to his or her needs and feelings. Sometime you show your care to your girl, it also is a sign of romance. Help couple to kiss without getting noticed by the passenger in the train. You will get fun with romantic games in dress up games.

There are vatious ways of expressing romance in this site. You can freely choose which one is the best suggestion. Just imagine that this is a memorable occasion in your life, the day you will hold your guy's hand and say that you are no more single.

The wedding ceremonry is about to begin, but you couldn't hold your emotions. You feel like kissing your guy but you will have to do it without seeing of anyone. Or the hidden heart game, you will see the couples in valentine games are having a lovely romantic date in a luxury restaurant, but in this scene there is one problem. The boy has bought his girlfriend a lovely box of valentine sweets with secret messages on them, but they are all fallen out of the box, help him to collect the box, you will be very surprised when you pick up a heart. And more, there are many occations in dress up games for you to choose, try your best and get your pleasure.

Romance can make you happier. If you are happy, your partner is happy too and you can enjoy passion and excitement. Relationships will be improved and come into next step of friendship.

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2 janvier 2013 3 02 /01 /janvier /2013 01:26
Cooking Games

The increasing requirement of online games among the young generation and kids has encouraged different websites to launch new attractive games. Playing those games have become a part of the daily routine of every youngster.

Those refreshing games relax every mind and help the players to take rest from their stressful life. Previously, boys indulge in these games the most and for that reason the sites try to fulfill their need with several adventurous games. But now the perception has changed a lot as girls are also taking huge interest in online gaming. Girls Games have introduced plenty of games exclusively meant for girls.

Girls have different taste and choice when it comes about gaming. Most of the girls prefer soft, homely games which have similarity with their real life. Considering the fact cooking games have been introduced as girls of all ages find extreme pleasure in cooking. The games related to cooking are not only interesting, but also didactic in its way. Those who have never gone to kitchen can learn several delicious recipes and tips through these games. The best part of these games is a girl or a woman can use those recipes in their actual life as all those recipes are inspired from real life cooking.

All the games on cooking have interesting background and situation which make the games more exciting. In the Homemade Pizza game you need to cook a delicious and spicy pizza for the guests who have come to visit your house. Kids love to play the game Feed the Cubs where they are in charge of feeding and looking after the cubs as their mother is not at home. Cake Maker, Easy Bake, Cake Fabric, Forest Cake and My Dream Cake are some of the most preferable games among girls because they can put their imagination in these games and make beautiful, tasty cakes.

Berry Parfaits is also very popular among girls. Therefore, when summer arrives the girls rush to the kitchen to prepare delightful strawberry or blackberry juice for the guests following the recipe they have learnt during the game. These unique games consist of the recipes of different countries across the world. Apart from the games on cooking, girls games provide various other games keeping every desire of the girls in mind. From Dress up Games, Make up Games, Princess Games to Kissing Games, Music Games, Wedding Games, Room Games, Animal Games- almost all ranges of fascinating games spellbind the minds of every girl.

Simple instructions make these games so easy that your small girl, who has just started operating computer, can derive great pleasure in playing them. Not only the young girls, women of all ages can take part in this gaming journey as these games act as stress buster from daily tensions and workload. These games help you to open up your mind to new ideas and creativity every day. Fictitious characters and challenges become so realistic that every girl can relate their real life with these games and also imply the solutions. Due to this uniqueness of features, these games are getting more popularized among girls day by day.

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12 février 2012 7 12 /02 /février /2012 01:22

Getting dressed for an event can be as much fun as going to the event for some people. Playing dress up is a way for people to reenact this on a regular basis. But it can be time consuming and limiting if you don’t have enough pieces of clothing and accessories to play creatively. A solution to this problem is virtual dress-up games. Many themes are available to choose from.

Wedding Dress Up Games

Wedding Dress up Games may not sound like a category open to a lot of creativity, but on the Dressup24h site it is. Games include Royal Bride Dress Up, which is filled with sophisticated white, neutral and pink designs made of satin and lace. The game also includes a stunning collection of tiaras and jewels. The game Valentine Bride Dress Up features pastel designs and an adorable model in a sunny outdoor setting. My Wedding Dress Up is a game in which players get a couple ready for the altar. Unlike the other games, this game not only allows dress up of the bride, but the groom as well. When dressing the groom, players can choose various suits, dress shirts and even adorable facial expressions. The bride’s options include dresses (of course), facial expressions, tiaras and bouquets — which include lots of flowers, a heart-shaped lollipop and even a teddy bear.

Style Dress Up Games

Style Dress Up Games are games that have a theme of a specific piece of type of clothing. On Dressup24h these games abound. On the site games feature party dresses, one-piece swimsuits and old Hollywood glam. Some of the many more unique games titles are “Neck Ties,” “Unisex Style,” “Sweater Dresses,” “Thanksgiving Costumes,” “Cupcake Inspired Dresses” and “Unisex Style.” These games not only include the clothing needed to create entire outfits, but also hair and makeup.

Animal Dress Up Games

Animal Dress Up Games are one of the less common types of dress-up games. On the site Dressup24h, you can find all sorts of animals. In the game Magic Sea Horse Dress Up, players can makeover their underwater model by choosing from many styles of eyes, patters, tails, tiaras and more. Dog and Cat Best Friends Dress Up is a game where you get the two pals ready for a day of playing together in the park. Another game worth mentioning is Cute Monkey Hairstyle, which has tons more than just hairstyles.

List of Dress Up Games


Celebrity Dressup Games

Celebrity Dressup Games are just like all other virtual dress-up games, except they feature celebrity models. The clothing and accessories in these games represent the style usually seen on the celebrity featured in the game. The site RainbowDressup has games featuring Britney Spears, Ashley Tisdale, Tyra Banks, Miley Cyrus, the stars of the movie “Twilight,” Lady Gaga and dozens more.

Dressup24h is an online gaming site, where all games are free and there are no chat rooms. Their dress up games for girls are perfect for creative kids of all ages!


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