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5 novembre 2013 2 05 /11 /novembre /2013 01:02
Barbie Games

With the advancement of technology, kids today can play freestyle dress-up and makeover games via the Internet. However, parents need to know whether the sites that offer virtual makeover games are safe for children to play. Not all online games are harmful to children, and there are many online games that enhance a child's creativity and imagination. As added precaution, parents should check out these websites first, as well as the games they offer, before allowing their child to play.

Beauty and Hairstyle Makeover:

The "Little Lovely Girl Make Up" game on Dressup24h is an online version of the big head dolls that children used to play with. The difference is that instead of brushing the doll's hair and applying makeup by hand, children can do this by clicking a mouse. Unlike using actual dolls, children can choose from a wide variety of doll models which one they want to make over.

First, they'll make over the doll's hairstyle. This includes hair color, accessories and a hairstyle they choose. This is followed by applying makeup to the doll, which will even include choosing colored contact lens for the doll's eyes. To complete the makeover, jewelry and other accessories will be added to the doll.

Fashion Makeover:

Dressup24h is a site that offers numerous fashion makeover games for girls. The doll's whole body, not just the head, is displayed on the screen. Similar to dressing up a Barbie doll, children can choose from a variety of styles and colors of clothing. They will be able to mix and match different shirts and pants, jackets, shoes or dresses for their dolls to wear. Bags, purses, scarves and other accessories are also available for children to choose from for their dolls. This virtual makeover game displays children's creativity and fashion sense.

Nails or Toes Makeover:

There are a lot of online games that offer either nail or toe makeovers, including the "Miranda Manicure" from dress up games. Girls can choose between a manicure or pedicure game. If they want a manicure game, they will first choose the hands of the doll model that they want to manicure. Children will then be given options to select the length of nails and the color of nail polish. Next, children will choose the feet of the doll model that they want to make over. They will then select a color for the toenails. The makeover is finished when children have added accessories, such as rings or nail stickers for the nail makeover, and anklets or toe rings for the toe makeover. The polish can then be removed using a virtual polish remover.

Room Makeover:

Children will have a chance to show their artistic side by doing a virtual room makeover on Dressup24h "Bedroom Decoration" game. They can choose to make over the room that they want, be it a bedroom, living room or even a shop. The game allows children to choose the paint for the walls, the designs for the windows, and the decorations and lights for the room.

They then will be given various sets of furniture to choose from. If they choose to make over a bedroom, they will be given options to pick their own floor coverings, drawers, bedside tables -- and also a pet to complete the look of their bedroom.

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