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13 avril 2013 6 13 /04 /avril /2013 09:31
Barbie Games

I'm not a beautiful girl and I don't know how to make me more beautiful, too. I always feel inferior and don't like the crowded places. My only interest is playing game and watching cartoon. But one day, I did change myself and way of thinking.

I usually stayed at home and played dress up games, the kind of game I like most. I didn't have many friends and I just played with Lucy however she is not like me. She is very beautiful and active. Suddenly one day, when we were playing a game of dressing up, she suggested me need to change and she promised that she would help me. At first time, I was very nervous and I refused immediately because I wasn't confident with my appearance. But when I thought twice, I wondered why I didn't try changing to make me look better and more confident once. I called my friend and told her to help me because I believed in her ingenuity.

On the following day, she came to my house without anything in her hand. She required me to open my computer and log in the website of dress up games that we played every day. She told that we would learn from there. She clicked on some games which had most beautiful images and found some characters having body like me. After that, she copied some images of clothes that she thought they were suitable for me. She printed them out, brought to some shops and found the similar ones. And of course we used my savings. She said that I looked more attractive and prominent when I worn those clothes. But it is not enough.

I also need to change my hairstyle to be suitable with those clothes and look more active. With the same way, we refer to some style in games and also print them out and bring to beauty salon to ask for advice. When I had my hair cut, I looked very different than before. I can't realize myself when standing in the front of mirror. I look very fashionable and more beautiful. I no longer feel shy or scared. I look forward to the day of back to school. At that day, most of friends can't realize me and they are very surprised when I am confident to talk to every friends. They said that I looked more attractive and beautiful. I was very proud of that.

I know that all of us are not ugly, just because we don't know how to make us more beautiful. I hope that everyone will find the way to make us more attractive and confident and have a better and meaningful life.

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12 avril 2013 5 12 /04 /avril /2013 00:28


Barbie Games

Fashion games are a fun and accessible way of learning how to dress up at your best while playing. All you need is a computer and a little bit of spare time, and fashion will be at your disposal. Without any doubt, fashion games are a great way of spending your spare time.

Fashion games have a popularity that keeps increasing more and more every day among girls all around the Globe and also across different cultures. Their unique features have made them slowly become a substitute for playing with traditional dolls, especially younger girls. Regardless of your age, fashion games are a great opportunity of expanding your aesthetical horizons.

These "dress up" games have appeared in their known form somewhere in the middle to late nineties when several websites began creating these games. Fashion games are often browser-based in which a player can easily drag and drop different clothes that you choose and then put them onto a digital image of a doll. Since that period, top IT specialists have improved the structure, technique and aesthetics of the games, creating more robust variances with user interfaces and multi-media features to employ the computing power of today's personal computers.

The Asian continent has given to the world, so far, the majority of fashion games creators. Due to their unique creating power and imagination, Asian people have created many such games, having as an inspiration "cartoons" style big-eyed characters found in Japanese anime, which have demonstrated themselves to be really appealing to vast audiences all over the Globe. Other individuals tend to strive for a more realistic feel where their creations can reflect today's fashion. The many popular funky dolls available on the internet that you can dress up as you please, allow little girls – as well as teenagers or maybe mature women – to play dress up – but, of course, only with the dresses that the dolls have.

Now, let's talk a little bit about fashion… What is this "so encountered on the lips of everybody" word, after all? Well… In order to answer that, I should take you into a little trip back in time. In the past, clothing styles were well established for each era, meaning that each historical period was characterized by a certain clothing style. Nowadays, comparing to the past, there is a considerably wider range of fashion options.

The clothing industry keeps using ideas from these past eras in order to create exquisite, special clothes. This mixture of ideas has resulted in an amazing "mélange" of styles and trends, such as streetwear.

Fashion is all about looking good and feeling good in the clothes that you choose to wear. Whether it is a sportswear or a classy dress, it is all up to you to make them look good on you. The key to a flawless outfit is to choose the color, the material and the style that makes you look good and feel even better, but pay attention: that doesn't mean that you are allowed to make some so-called "fashion crimes", such as: dressing too young for your age, getting into a fashion rut, going to extremes or neglecting your style for the latest trend.

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26 mars 2013 2 26 /03 /mars /2013 05:20
Barbie Games

Video games aren't all about guns, fast cars and fire-breathing dragons--they can be about clothing and accessories too. In fashion games, a trendy scarf or a cute skirt can carry just enough power to propel you to the next level or beat your opponent. Several fashion games marketed toward women are available to play in your Internet browser or can be downloaded to your computer.

JoJo's Fashion Show

"JoJo's Fashion Show" whisks you onto the runway of a fashion show. Your goal is to create outfits that correspond to the runway's theme. Themes include bridal, western and sportswear. The closer your clothing choices conform to the theme, the higher the judges score your look. Reach the level's goal to advance to the next round. Big Fish Games offers this game for sale on its website as well as a free, 60-minute downloadable trial. Mac and PC versions are available.

Fashion Wars

"Fashion Wars" is a game available on the Facebook social networking site. In this game, you play the role of a trendy diva, determined to get to the top of her social circle. In order to do this, you must grow your posse by having your Facebook friends join the game and purchase clothing and accessories to help you win fights against rival posses and complete events. Progressing through the levels allows you to unlock new clothing items, such as the yoga pants or the Britney mini dress. You'll need to outfit your posse with the most powerful clothing items and accessories available to you in order to beat your rivals. Watch the Facebook feed to collect bonuses and rare items from your Fashion Wars friends.

Fashion Solitare

Presented by the Lifetime Television Network, "Fashion Solitaire" offers a stylish twist to the traditional card game. Your goal is to create looks on your models that correspond to the cards in play. The game has 48 levels, each increasing in difficulty. If you create a look you really love, you can use the "Paparazzi" feature to snap a photo of the outfit and email it to yourself or your friends. You can play a trial version of the game or buy a full version on the Lifetime website. PC and Mac versions are available.

Fashion Dash

In "Fashion Dash," you play Coco, a frazzled clothing retail store owner with dreams of operating an empire of apparel stores. In order to do this, you must guide her through 48 levels by managing fitting rooms, tailoring clothing items and upselling accessories, all while keeping customers happy. This fast-paced time management game has ten customer types, each with a different patience level. "Fashion Dash" is available from PlayFirst for the PC and Mac.

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26 mars 2013 2 26 /03 /mars /2013 05:08
Barbie Games

Cold Crush is an online fashion boutique that features lots of cool fashion items. It's everything young girls love about clothing. It's full of youthful exuberance and warm summer breezes. It's a about inspirational colors that symbolize a wannabe happy go lucky mood. Cold Crush is about caring for the environment, while making a statement about being young and carefree. It's also about being compassionate and caring for your fellow man. The clothes are designed to be contemporary as well as comfortable: perfect for the beach. Items include long t-shirts, tights, tunics, and hoodies.

Online games for girls are currently very popular. The concept is simple. Create a virtual outfit in an online boutique, choosing from a range of colors and styles. Generally all you do is drag and drop items on an avatar until you get that perfect online design. Online boutiques are always up to date with the latest fashions and trends.

Websites offering fashion games also want to bring girls new experiences that are based on fashions that are actually out there on the street. For example, www.dressup24h.com has a boutique featuring the fashions of Cold Crush. Girls can use virtual money to purchase Cold Crush fashions, and dress up an avatar. It's great fun, and it looks incredibly real.

Websites such as www.dressup24h.com, which offer online fashion dress up games, are the perfect expression of the web 2.0 revolution. Such websites enable teens not only to buy outfits with virtual money, but also to create their own fashion boutiques, where they can display and sell clothes to other girls.

Games for girls are not a new idea. The Barbie doll has been captivating girls for generations. However, to enable girls to play new dress up games with the ever-popular doll, parents had to constantly purchase new fashion outfits, and at no small expense. The great thing about online fashion dress up games is that they are mostly free. These type of games are also regularly updated to match the latest craze, at a time where yesterday's fashion games for girls just won't do.

Free fashion games are also the perfect opportunity for teens and tweens to experience being entrepreneurs. By creating their own boutiques, and by selling their own creations to other members using virtual money, girls gain a great deal of satisfaction.

Online boutiques enable tweens and teens to develop their sense for fashion, while having fun at the same time. The Cold Crush brand is very popular with teens and tweens, as such it's a great source of inspiration for online fashion boutiques featuring items from the hip new line.

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3 mars 2013 7 03 /03 /mars /2013 00:56
Barbie Games

If you got a passion for fashion, wish to stay updated with the latest and unique style then online fashion games are ideal or you. The fashion games will allow you to make over your much-loved celebrities and notice how you perform as a stylist. With some few simple clicks, you can change the whole look of any character and give your personal style statement to them, which otherwise, you cannot do in your real life.

To partake in fashion games accessible online, you do not have to be of a specific age, people of all ages can indulge in the gaming activity, be it young, old or adult. Through fashion games, the young crowd can check their own style statement and experiment on a style, which they want to try in their real life. While, the kids through partaking in fashion games can get familiar with different colors, shapes and even the body parts. When it comes to old or middle-aged people, they can participate in the games to relive their stress of daily busy lives. Regardless of your gender, the fashion games assist you to have a fresh gaming experience, as there are host of games accessible.

Few worth mentioning fashion games include Delightful dress up, doll maker, Hollywood edition, make a monster and kill hope dress up. One fashion game such as the Orlando Bloom will let you to do a make over of the hero from the mega blockbuster movie Lord of the Rings. The Kelly Party dress game is ideal for Barbie game, particularly for kids, which allows decorating the Kelly dress, whereas in the game Earth 2 Jane Fashion show, you can dress up the baby model on www.dressup24h.com further lets you to browse loads of fashion games.

Besides dressing your favorite character in variety of style, if you want to try different hairdo then Polly Pocket is the game for you. It is a hair do salon, where you can try various kinds of hairstyles on the character and see how you do as a hairstylist. You can start playing by picking a hairstyle that you like, hair clip, hair color and click show. At Polly Pocket Salon, wacky wardrobe gives you a chance to pick some wacky outfit by selecting the color, pattern, stuff and style of the dress.

Along with trying new hairstyles, dresses on your favorite character, you can also pick the best matching accessory and foot wear fro them to give them your kind of look.

What else, you can try applying make up too. You will be able apply your makeup style to a model by clicking to play the Cinderella face game. Creating your own character is also possible through CAC, which means create a character. It might be a bit annoying, but you need to click lots of time. Once you are acquainted with the trick to play the game, it will become simple for you. For changing the color of hair, click the button several times. Additionally, loads of things can easily move, including the eyelids, face expression and the shades the character is wearing.

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1 mars 2013 5 01 /03 /mars /2013 09:45
Barbie Games

Perhaps it's time to be on the lookout for a fun and constructive hobby. One that will allow a young girl to stretch her imagination, and at the same time, provide hours and hours of fun. If you find yourself getting bored, and having lots of extra time on your hands and you don't really know what to do with your time, maybe you can start looking at fashion games and dress up games.

Fashion Games.

Let's start by taking a closer look at fashion games. In a way, both types of games are rather similar. But when you play fashion games, you have to be more aware of the latest fashion trends. This is not mandatory but having that knowledge will certainly allow you to have more fun with fashion games.

So before you start on these games, go do a little homework. Find out what is the latest fashion trend. What is in, and what is out. How does the latest winter collection look like? This is a rather fun process. You can source for inspiration online, or from magazines lying around the house.

Once you have a good idea of fashion trends, start up your computer and start searching for fashion games. There are hundreds of such games available on the Internet, and the best part is, they are free. You can play these games as many times as you want. Usually, such games involve dressing up virtual dolls or celebrities with the latest fashion wear. Now that you already have a good idea of the latest fashion trends, these challenges will be a piece of cake for you!

Dress up Games.

In a way, fashion games are also dress up games. You get the opportunity to create the model that you've always wanted. You do this by choosing from a wide variety of apparel, which you can use to dress your virtual model (a doll or a celebrity) from head to toe. You can choose fanciful hats, stunning coats, dazzling shoes, and more. For some games, you can even choose the make up for your model.

As you mix and match, whatever is in your imagination seems to come to life in the game. This is how you can stretch your imagination. There are literally hundreds of different combinations you can choose from. The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit.

Of course, to have more fun with dress up or fashion games, it's always good to choose a model that you are familiar with. For example, you can choose to dress up Barbie doll, or you can choose to dress up your favorite pop idol. Sometimes, the combination may even come out all wrong, and this can be hilarious !

So now you know what you can do with all that spare time of yours. Try out some dress up or fashion games. They are highly addictive !

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17 février 2013 7 17 /02 /février /2013 00:32
Princess Games

Girls Games are a reasonably new phenomenon and have been gaining in popularity over the last couple of years. The reason for this late interest seems to be that the game world, since its start decades ago, has been mainly targeted to boys.

With plenty of violence and lots of sex- related themes it hasn't been able to attract a large girl audience.

A typical game you'll run into when searching the web has a shooting, racing or sport related theme i.e. mainly boys' interests. You will generally find that girls are more creative because of a calmer upbringing with crayons, the baking of a cake or more typical, the dressing and nursing of Barbie dolls which mirrors what they tend to enjoy playing online.

So what is considered to be a girls game? Girls games normally fall into four typical genres: Cooking Games, Love Games, Babysitting Games and Dress Up Games.

Cooking Games

With Cooking Games you'll get to practise your skills in the kitchen. You'll get introduced to new recipes, get more familiar with exotic food and most importantly you get to enjoy the creative side of cooking. Choose from a big selection of different styles of food games; be the chef in a fancy restaurant, have a look at what goes behind starting up a food business, or practise your organisational and service skills on the floor as a waiter/waitress.

Love Games

Love Games enables you to spread love and peace around the web. The games usually involve kissing or dating with gorgeous guys and looking into the future to see if you and your dream boyfriend are the perfect match.These games can as well show the darker side of love like cheating and jealousy. It's up to you which way you want to go.

The most common love games though are the ones where you get to kiss cute boys and who could resist doing something like that?

Babysitting Games.

Have you ever worked as a babysitter before? Is your dream to one day become a parent and have babies on your own? Then babysitting games are the perfect type to practise with. Working as a babysitter involves 110% focus on the toddlers, don't leave them even for a second. The aim of these games is usually to keep the baby/ babies happy until their parents come to pick them up. This is being done by feeding them when they are hungry, putting them to bed when they need a nap and keep them entertained with different toys or games, doing all this will make you the best Nanny online.

Dress up Games

Dress Up Games usually involve fashion design and makeup themed games as well as dressing up. These games are for you with a great passion for couture and design. Some games will concentrate at teaching you the art of mixing colours and matching different items of clothing, while others will enable you to use and train your skills at designing clothes.

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17 janvier 2013 4 17 /01 /janvier /2013 01:00

Dress Up Games get a group laughing and help them get to know each other. Besides being an ice breaker for adults and children alike, it is the silliness of dress-up games that causes hilarity for people both watching and participating. Use old clothes and things from around the house to play dress up games that are free and fun.

Dress up Games

Dress-up relay

This game is suitable for all ages. Make two piles of clothes - anything from your closet or attic will do. Gather everything from hats and gloves to shirts, pants and skirts and put the items in two piles. Divide the party group into two teams. The first member of each team races to its pile of clothing and dresses up in all the clothes from its pile. When finished dressing, the first team member races back, takes all the clothes off and the next player dresses up. Repeat the process with all players. The team that has all its players dress and undress first wins the game.

Designer Game

This game is ideal for ages 10 and over. Even teenagers enjoy this game, which is a competition where teams design outfits for their model. Divide participants into two teams. Boy versus girls works well. Both teams will choose a team model for the project. Give the boys large plastic trash bags, a roll of masking tape and the assignment of making their model a wedding gown out of trash bags. Girls receive several rolls of toilet paper and a roll of masking tape and are instructed to dress their model as a mummy. Set the time for five minutes. The party hostess gets to vote for the winner.

Princess Dress-up Game for Girls

Girls younger than 8 years old love to dress like a princess. Have your own princess party and invite guests to wear princess costumes. When guests arrive, offer them time to search a trunk of accessories prepared for their use. Items in the trunk include anything on hand, such as beaded necklaces, feather boas, old purses, scarves, costume jewelry and high-heeled shoes. Take a picture of the princesses gathered together and enclose it in the same envelope as a thank you note to them for attending the party.

Guess-the- Action-Hero Dress up Game for Boys

Boys age 6 and younger are often interested in dressing up as action heroes such as Spider-man or Batman. For a party that is themed around action heroes, invite young guests to wear their favorite action hero costumes. Set up a video camera and "interview" each kid, asking them questions about their special superpowers and who they are dressed as. After dessert, gather the group together around the television for a special screening of their interviews and watch everyone laugh as they see themselves on the big screen. Fancy Pants

This game ends up with the participants looking hilarious, so be sure to have your camera handy. Similar to musical chairs, this game involves clothing and is suited for those age 15 and up. Fill a large bag (a drawstring bag where the contents cannot be seen from the outside is ideal) with as many undergarments as you can, using a variety of undergarments such as thong underwear, boxer shorts, bras, slips, pantyhose, garter belts, large "granny panties," underwear with crazy prints, and more.

Seat guests in a circle and play some music while passing around the closed bag. Pause the music unexpectedly and the person holding the bag has to reach in (without peeking) and grab an undergarment to put on over their own clothing. The music resumes and the bag continues to be passed around. Repeat until all the undergarments have been distributed.


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15 janvier 2013 2 15 /01 /janvier /2013 16:47

Online dress up games are a wonderful way for kids to unleash their inner stylist and play fashion designer. There are so many dress up games available online, you can easily find one that lets you play dress up with any style or fashion you can imagine. Although many dress up games are designed for pre-teen girls, there are also a lot of variety available for anyone who enjoys playing stylist online.

Dress up Games
Justin Bieber Style

Top 10 Dress Up Games

In "Top 10 Dress Up Games" offered by Dressup24h, you get to come up with an all new look for this animated Disney action star. Use the options at the top, left, right and bottom of the game screen to pick out a hairstyle, pants, top and shoes for Top 10 to wear. Click to select clothing, then drag and drop to let them snap onto Top 10's body. Once you've got the perfect look, click "Print" to print your creation out.

Gothic Gabby

"Gothic Gabby," which can be found on Dressup24h website, is a great dress up game for kids who like experimenting with the gothic style. Use the options on the left and right sides of the screen to pick out a hairstyle, color, highlights, eyebrow shape, mascara, eye color, blush, lipstick, hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, outfit and skin tone for Gabby. Once you've got the perfect look, customize the background and click "Done" to see the before and after of your style.

Justin Bieber Style

In "Justin Bieber Dress up Games" hosted by the Dressup24h website, you get to play the personal stylist for this famous pop star. Choose from his wardrobe of tops, pants, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, ties, hats and necklaces on the left side of the page to pull together the perfect outfit for Justin. Use the arrow keys on both sides of the clothing options to see more possible options. Click the helicopter at the bottom of the screen to see Justin show off your style against a background.

Girls Fashion

"Girl Fashion," on the Dressup24h website, is the ideal game for budding designers and stylists. You can choose to dress up your model in the available clothing, or design your own using the drawing board option. You can design and dress a female model, an adorable puppy or a pony. Once you've developed your unique style and dressed your model, print out your design with the "Print" button at the bottom of the page.


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12 janvier 2013 6 12 /01 /janvier /2013 01:47

If there is one thing most girls like to do, its coming up with their own fashion style and picking out their own outfits for the day.

Dress up Games

This is a great way for them to express their individuality and gain a strong fashion sense. Allowing them to play games where they are able to design their own clothes gives them a better understanding of which patterns and styles work well together.

Design Your Own Style

In "Design Your Own Dress," girls have the opportunity to pick out a fashionable dress and come up with a unique design for it. They can pick the color of the dress, figure out the patterns they want on it and decorate it with the additional accessories they are given. "Design Your Own Dress" also has skirts, jeans and blouses they can design as well.

Punk Rock In the City

Whether your daughter likes the sporty chic, the fashion diva or the punk rock attire, there is a fashion game geared just for her. Each of these games offer a variety of outfits and styles she can pick and choose for her model to wear. In "Punk Rock in the City," your daughter can dress up her model in various clothing choices such as pleated skirts or fishnet stockings. She can choose the model's hair color, pick out her jewelry and choose the style of shoes she wants to wear.

Golfer Chic

Just because a girl is into sports does not mean she doesn't have a sense of style. Sporty girls have a great style all their own that is trendy and comfortable. If your daughter likes the sporty look, there are games she can play to find the perfect sporty outfit.

In "Golfer Chic," she can design a sporty outfit for her golfer to wear, complete with a cute hat and matching gloves. She will also be able to choose knee-high socks and cleats to complete the finished look.

Design Diva

If your daughter shows an interest in the latest styles and trends, let her play games where she can design her own outfits and try them on a fashion model. In "Design Diva," this is exactly what she will get to do. She will have the option to come up with her own clothing designs and save it to her very own collection. After she is done designing her line of work, she can try it on a fashion model to see how it looks.

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