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12 janvier 2013 6 12 /01 /janvier /2013 01:47

If there is one thing most girls like to do, its coming up with their own fashion style and picking out their own outfits for the day.

Dress up Games

This is a great way for them to express their individuality and gain a strong fashion sense. Allowing them to play games where they are able to design their own clothes gives them a better understanding of which patterns and styles work well together.

Design Your Own Style

In "Design Your Own Dress," girls have the opportunity to pick out a fashionable dress and come up with a unique design for it. They can pick the color of the dress, figure out the patterns they want on it and decorate it with the additional accessories they are given. "Design Your Own Dress" also has skirts, jeans and blouses they can design as well.

Punk Rock In the City

Whether your daughter likes the sporty chic, the fashion diva or the punk rock attire, there is a fashion game geared just for her. Each of these games offer a variety of outfits and styles she can pick and choose for her model to wear. In "Punk Rock in the City," your daughter can dress up her model in various clothing choices such as pleated skirts or fishnet stockings. She can choose the model's hair color, pick out her jewelry and choose the style of shoes she wants to wear.

Golfer Chic

Just because a girl is into sports does not mean she doesn't have a sense of style. Sporty girls have a great style all their own that is trendy and comfortable. If your daughter likes the sporty look, there are games she can play to find the perfect sporty outfit.

In "Golfer Chic," she can design a sporty outfit for her golfer to wear, complete with a cute hat and matching gloves. She will also be able to choose knee-high socks and cleats to complete the finished look.

Design Diva

If your daughter shows an interest in the latest styles and trends, let her play games where she can design her own outfits and try them on a fashion model. In "Design Diva," this is exactly what she will get to do. She will have the option to come up with her own clothing designs and save it to her very own collection. After she is done designing her line of work, she can try it on a fashion model to see how it looks.

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